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Nathaly Henriquez

Nathaly Henriquez is an Immigration attorney at Pozo Goldstein. She is originally from Venezuela, where she got her Law degree. After migrating to Miami, she attended the University of Miami, where she obtained her Masters of Laws in International Law (LL.M), and later became a member of the New York Bar. From very early in her career she knew she wanted to work in the defense of basic human rights, and dedicated many hours to her local university law clinic to help the underprivileged, especially women victims of domestic violence; the homeless; and the elderly.

Coming from Venezuela, she understands the hardships families endure to pursue a dream of freedom in the United States. While at University of Miami, Nathaly discovered how complex the immigration processes can be and became interested in the practice of immigration law. This practice has served to fulfill her wishes to fight for human rights. Nathaly has focused her immigration law practice in family and criminal immigration, helping many people not only achieve the American Dream but also, securing their freedom from lengthy detentions. Asylum laws have become another one of her passions, in light of the massive exodus of Venezuelans from their home country who reach the United States looking to survive.