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Miami Immigrant Arrest Lawyer

Consultations Following a Criminal Charge

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The United States has detailed laws regarding which criminal offenses may result in exclusion from the U.S. or deportation. Certain convictions can lead to cancellation of your permanent resident status and subsequent deportation, ineligibility for naturalization or permanent residency, denial of asylum, inability to obtain cancel of removal, suspension of your right to voluntary departure, refusal of recognition of good moral character, and even permanent exclusion from the United States. you may need a Miami Immigrant Arrest Lawyer at Pozo Goldstein, LLP. to assist  you in your immigration matter.

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Even if you are currently working with a criminal defense attorney, you should consider consulting with an immigration attorney to determine what effects a plea bargain or conviction could have on your immigration status.

How will a criminal charge affect your immigration status?

If you have been charged with a criminal offense, Pozo Goldstein, LLP can help you understand the potential consequences for your immigration status. We will work to determine what penalties you are facing and what the best course of action is to protect your freedoms and residency in the United States. Do not risk your immigration status; consult with our team of knowledgeable immigration lawyers immediately. We have decades of experience handling immigration cases in Miami. Speak with our team today for the legal guidance you need.