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Motions to Vacate

Miami Motion To Vacate Lawyer

Immigration and Deportation

If an immigration and non-resident of the United States is involved in a crime, of which they are convicted, then they could face penalties of deportation. When this occurs, most people feel like there is nothing they can do, and accept the fact that they will be separated from their families and friends. The reality is that there is still an action that can be taken. A motion to vacate is a request made to the judge or court that previously ordered a judgment.  Pozo Goldstein has a Miami Motion To Vacate Lawyer available to help you with  your  deportation defense.

Generally a motion to vacate will be accepted and granted in superior court as well as a court with limited jurisdiction, provided the defendant can convince the court that they did not have a fair chance to represent their case. This falls under the constitutional right to an attorney and to a fair trial. A motion to vacate is not the same as an appeal, it is directed to the same court, and requests another chance to defend their case.

Immigration Attorney in Miami

If you or a loved one has received a judgment of deportation, and you have not filed a motion to vacate, nor have you sought the help of a lawyer, then now is your chance to possibly change the outcome. A Miami immigration attorney from Pozo Goldstein, LLP will be able to help you file a motion to vacate, and will zealously defend your case in court, in order to maximize your chances of remaining in the United States.

We further guarantee that your rights will be defended vigorously throughout your case and that you will receive a fair trial. Our firm has over 90 years of combined experience; we know what it takes to win a motion to vacate, and to change the outcome of a previously dismal case.

Contact a Miami immigration lawyer from our firm to discuss a motion to vacate for your case.