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Motions To Reopen

Miami Motion To Reopen Deportation Order Lawyer

Motions to Reopen a Deportation Order

When a non-resident of the U.S. is arrested, their residency may be investigated, and if convicted of a felony, they may be issued a deportation order. Once a person is deported, there is an option to consider. There is an option called a motion to reopen. A motion to reopen is a process of contesting the previously rendered deportation order. This process can be difficult do to the detailed proceedings that will ensue. A Miami Motion To Reopen Deportation Order Lawyer at Pozo Goldstein LLP will be able to assist you in this deportation matter.

There are many reasons for someone to be issued a deportation order, and there are several ways for a person to deal with this order. One is to accept the deportation and return to the country of origin ignore the order and live illegally in the shadows of society or to fight the deportation order through a motion to reopen. This process can be confusing and difficult, but fortunately, a Miami immigration attorney is here to help you through this process.

Immigration Attorney Serving Miami, FL

If you or a loved one is seeking a motion to reopen, to obtain a green card and return to the United States, then you will greatly benefit from the legal experience and skill of a Miami immigration lawyer from Pozo Goldstein, LLP. Our firm has over 90 years of combined experience as well as a former judge and former immigration prosecuting attorneys on our legal team. Our firm has an advantage that few other firms can offer to their clients. Our firm will be able to help you through any immigration process and assist you with all of your immigration and visa needs.

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