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Work Visa

Miami Work Visa Lawyer

The Right to Work in America

Work Visa

A work visa is a type of non-immigrant visa which allows an individual to live and work within the United States for a period of time. If you desire to immigrate, you should apply for an immigrant visa or a dual intent visa, which allows you to apply for permanent residency as well as a work visa. There are many types of work visas available within the U.S., but all of them are employer-sponsored. This means that an employer must first file an application with the government and request the particular work visa for an individual.  We welcome you to speak to a Miami Work Visa Lawyer at Pozo Goldstein, LLP by calling us at 305-856-0400.

Once the employer’s application is approved, you are eligible to apply for a work visa. This first approval of your employer’s application is not a visa itself, but it does allow you to continue the work visa application process. A U.S. embassy or consulate in your country will interview you to determine your eligibility for a work visa. If this visa is granted, you may then travel to the U.S. and request permission to enter the country.

Why hire a Miami work visa attorney?

In order to legally work in the United States, it is necessary to have a work permit or Employment Authorization Document (EAD card). An experienced Miami immigration lawyer from Pozo Goldstein, LLP can guide you through the process of obtaining a work visa or work permit. If you are seeking a United States work visa, it is important to talk to someone with a background in immigration law. Our immigration attorneys have extensive experience with a variety of work visa and immigration issues. With experience as a Former U.S. Immigration Prosecutors and Former Judge, we know how to aggressively fight for your immigration rights and can provide exceptional deportation defense, if necessary.

Contact a Miami work visa attorney from our firm who can review your particular circumstances and help you devise a plan of action for your unique work visa situation.