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I had a very complicated immigration case and my case took some years, but any time I had any questions or doubts, they replied to my emails right away. They made me feel at peace when I was in one of the most stressful and scary periods of my life. I thought I would never be back to the USA or even become a US Citizen but Goldstein and his team helped me all the way through it and we did it!
I have nothing but good things to say about Goldstein and his team. He and his staff show excellent professionalism and he always tells it how it is or what to expect. Thank you all again!

Mayra Vera | Google Review

I have had a great experience with this law firm. I would hire them again. If you are looking for an immigration law firm, look no further.Everyone I have interacted with has been nice and professional.I want to give a big thanks to Ada, Teresita, Ashanti,Nurialys, and Kelly for the part they played in my case.

Yela Martinez | Google Review

Mr. Goldstein is a very professional and knowledgeable attorney, after nine years and three previous attorneys he successfully brought a positive end to our immigration nightmare. From the very beginning he explained what steps needed to be taken. He answered all of our questions and was always available through the entire process, something we had not experienced with the previous attorneys. I confidently say that if you choose to retain Mr. Goldstein you can be rest assured he is exceptional in his field and will work sincerely on your behalf.

Anna Frazier | Google Review

When I needed help in a very serious immigration case, they were there! They came highly recommended and lived-up to every expectation. I never once felt that Steve Goldstein or his staff of highly trained/knowledgeable staff couldn’t handle my case successfully. In fact, with each hearing, each meeting or each correspondence, it was evidently clear that I had made the right choice.

Paul Jacobs | Google Review

I am very satisfied with the service I received from Attorney Steven Goldstein. My case has been pending for 6 years! I consulted with more than 20 attorneys before hiring Mr. Goldstein and most of them didn’t even give me a chance. Luckily, I decided to go with him and I can’t be more grateful for the results he provided. 6 months after I hired him, my application was approved! After so many years of waiting, it does seems like he did a miracle. I definitely had a great experience and I fully recommend using his services.

Itai Levi | Google Review

After many years in legal darkness, I am finally a permanent resident. I was able to travel to my country and see my family after 18 years. My case was very complicated and after seeing several lawyers with different theories and above all without giving you a definitive price, I decided to trust in this great team of professionals.

Thanks for all your help one more time.

Gto CK | Google Review

After 10 years of battle not only Mr. Steven Goldstein exceeded our expectations, we truly believe that he made the impossible possible. Despite all of the hardships that my wife and I went through, such as deportation proceeding, numerous court hearings, constant appeals, endless motion filings, Mr. Goldstein fought till the end and won the final extremely important court hearing. We had the most difficult and complex asylum case, after changing five attorneys before we met Mr. Goldstein, we were hopeless, we could not dream of holding a green card, everything seemed impossible. One week ago we received a permanent resident card and we are beyond thankful to him and his office staff to make our impossible dream to reality. With all due respect to other immigration attorneys, we genuinely think that Mr. Steven A. Goldstein is the best immigration attorney in Florida.

David Gigoydze | Google Review

If you are looking for a great immigration lawyer – please, look no further! Mr. Goldstein and the entire staff has been absolutely Amazing. When we were hit with immigration, my family and I did not know where to start. We spoke with about seven attorneys & had phone consultations. When we spoke with Mr. Goldstein we felt at peace, comfortable and knew he would be the one that could help us on this journey. We fault the courts for 3 1/2 years and each time Mr. Goldstein was right by our side to answer any and all questions that we had concerning the case. He was honest by telling us what he could do and what his firm could offer us. The staff really made us feel as if we were family. If we had questions on the weekends Mr. Goldstein did not hesitate to call or text us with answers no matter what time it was. Not only is the firm knowledgeable but friendly and ready to fight for what is right & what’s in the best interest from the client. Not only he is extremely experienced in immigration field -he is super attentive and dedicated and will treat your case/problem as his own. What I absolutely liked the most he was always available via email or phone, answers all the questions in details. I think that’s what caught us the most was the COMMUNICATION during the process. After court he would always follow up with phone call, text or email giving details of what we didn’t understand during the hearings. He was always prepared and ready he & the firm never made us feel like we were rushed when we had questions and would talk with us until we fully understood the process. I say all of this that Mr. Goldstein is a true fighter for his clients & with his consistency & him always being prepared we WON OUR CASE & MY HUSBAND IS BACK HOME WITH HIS FAMILY!!!! I say all of this to say he will not just collect your money & treat you like you don’t exist, he’s a true attorney at his word & he’s shown us that his clients come first. If you are ever in need of an attorney that has you & your family in his best interest please don’t hesitate to contact the firm. #MrGoldsteinRocks*****

Nikia Sharpe | Google Review

This is by far the best immigration attorney office in Miami. I was helped by Teresita in my process and she is amazing, smart, always knew everything about my process. I just can say thanks a lot Pozo Goldstein Thanks also to Daniel and Carlos who was excellent professionals.

Recomiendo Pozo Goldstein Luego de mi experiencia con esta firma puedo decir que son un equipo excelente de abogados y personas dedicadas a brindar un servicio de calidad En esta ocasión fui asistido por la abogada Teresita quien es una excelente profesional preocupada por conocer y estudiar los casos trabajarlos al detalle y Brindar la confianza y seguridad necesaria en algo tan importante y trascendente en la vida de cualquier persona Gracias a ella pude solventar mi situación favorablemente

Dany Tahan | Google Review

This firm is one of the kind, true professionals , it’s really rare to find this kind of lawyers there’s days. If it wasn’t for them -I wouldn’t get my green card! If you want to get a positive outcome in your case , go with them ,strongly recommend !!!

Andrei Sherbakov | Google Review

Amazing team of lawyers! I’m very satisfied with their service. I tried two differents lawyers before Pozo & Goldstein and none of them solve my problem. And they did it! Now I have my Green Card.

Neto Guimaraes | Google Review

Pozo Goldstein and Steven Goldstein is hands down the best immigration law firm and attorney in the country! Not only did he do and perform everything he said he would, he is also extremely professional and friendly.

I had a very complex immigration case, and Steven walked me through every single step and worked tirelessly on my case.

I would recommend Pozo Goldstein to anyone looking for immigration related help.

Randy Goldberg | Google Review

Very professional team that I felt genuinely cared about my unique immigration situation. They provided a great wealth of knowledge and their expertise in this field was amazing. I’d definitely recommend them to anyone. They definitely helped me secure the outcome I was looking for.

Robert Davies | Google Review

Mr. Goldstein and his team is really best immigration lawyers. Get me through all this complicated process. Finally got my Citizenship with them.

Thank you guys.

Capt. Vasiliy Obukhov | Google Review

Let me just say that Steven Goldstein is the absolute best. I had my first I interview with him today and he made me feel at ease right away. He explained in detail what I needed to do for now and that I could just go ahead and do it online on my own!!! This speaks volumes about the ethical standards of Pozo Goldstein. If you have an immigration problem Pozo Goldstein are the attorneys you need to see. I went to see them based on the great reviews I saw online and trust me, they were all accurate.

Nancy Ramos | Google Review