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My process was difficult and I was hopeless.

In the first meeting he said that was complicated but they will work hard to get it done for me.

The whole process they kept me updated,they answered all my questions and help me out through the whole process step by step.

Now I got my green card !

I just returned from Brasil and spending time with my family after 12 years is priceless !

God bless you and your family mr Goldstein,thank you.

Marcone | AVVO Review | January 9, 2018

I was troubled on every side, yet not distressed, I was perplexed but not despaired, persecuted but not forsaken, cast down but not destroyed only because Frieda Goldstein came to the rescue. God in his mercy used Frieda Goldstein to grant me my citizenship.If her wealth of experience and knowledge in immigration matters coupled with her profound and vehement drive for positive results for her clients are anything to go by, I will recommend her for all your immigration matters. Frieda Goldstein keeps up the good work and thanks again for challenging and defeating the system that denied me citizenship for tax evasion.

Larry | Email

I chose the Pozo Goldstein Firm representing me after I read the testimonials about them. All are outstanding and that is exactly the representation what I got. Frieda Goldstein took may case. As soon as I met her, I knew I made one of the smartest choice of my life. Her absolute professionalism, and warm and kind personality, is just the perfect combination you can ask for in a lawyer. She made me feel safe and hopeful, because let’s face it, in an immigration case you definitely want to feel safe and hopeful.This is really about your life and future. She started my case in April and now, in the end of July, I’m waiting for my notification for the oath ceremony. Her team was also wonderful,always polite. I’m so thankful, they are not enough words. I would firmly recommend the Pozo Goldstein Firm and Frieda Goldstein to anybody, who is looking for the best representation, because they are, she is simply: the best!

Eniko | Avvo Reviewer

I retained legal counsel from Pozo Goldstein LLP in 2010, and the journey to obtaining my “green-card,” has been to say the least a very bumpy road that was only made better thanks to their professionalism. Their responsiveness and quality of service is outstanding. The entire team is very knowledgeable and easy to communicate with. I can truly say that in them I found people who cared about the outcome and didn’t treat me as just another case. My initial I-130 petition was filed by Courtney Noce who showed great knowledge about the circumstances of my case. My case was then taken over by Marcela Gyires who followed through with every question I had; there were many. I have to thank Mr. Goldstein for instilling confidence in me about the firm and their capabilities, Maria Espejo, Teresita Rodriguez, Nuryalis Iglesias, Elizabeth Barrientos and also Attorney Linda Jesselson who accompanied me in the Adjustment of Status interview, were of great help. I wholeheartedly recommend Pozo Goldstein LLP to anyone in need of immigration legal advice. I have already referred other potential clients and will continue to do so.

Past Client

An incredible and highly competent attorney! He cares very much and he is very available for the ongoing communication process that is necessary for a successful outcome! Steve Goldstein represented my husband during his immigration process and now he is a U.S. citizen! My husband and I interviewed many firms before we chose Pozo Goldstein! It was necessary to have the best because this was going to be his second try for citizenship after another attorney in Miami messed up so badly on not covering the bases all the way through including the last and final official Immigration interview for citizenship. You don’t have to spend the time to find the best…you just did!! We did it for you!!! My name is Susie S. and We live in Broward County, FL where Mr Goldstein also represented my husband.

Susie & Daniel | Avvo Reviewer



Mr. Goldstein, I would like to express my thanks and gratitude for all your support and professionalism during this time. My resident alien card has been given back to me!

Past Client

Hello Steven, First of all I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job that you have done on my case and the extraordinary results that you have gotten for me. I have had many attorneys, but none of them compared to the one that I have now which is you.

Past Client

Awesome Attorney My husband and I hired Mrs Goldstein for a complicated case. We’ve worked with several other lawyers and each time our case was denied. Due to her work and knowledge our case was finally approved. Mrs Goldstein and her staff always kept us informed every step of the way. I would recommend her to ANYONE who is in need of an immigration lawyer.


I would like to give you an update and say thank you. Since the court appearance, I’m currently working for the Palm Beach School District. I’m loving my job, I know without you I probably would have been deported to Jamaica. You’re an awesome lady, I often Thank God for you entering my life. Hands Down, Ms. Goldstein is one of the best, if not the BEST immigration attorney. I’m blessed to have you as my attorney and I’m blessed that you took my potentially high complex case. Thank you Ms. Goldstein for your passion and ethics in this very complex case. I could not have done it without you and I’m grateful. Hopefully I will be filling for my citizenship within the next two years. Once again, Thank you for everything you will always be special to me.


Thank You Attorney Frieda and Big Thank you to the entire Pozogoldstein Team members. This is to extend my Felicity. Today Sunday September 11th 2016 is a positive memorable day for me. Few weeks ago i got my Employment or work authorization card which is prelude to my green card request. After several dealings with other Immigration Attorneys and I even traveled to Oklahoma to sort out my family’s immigration challenges all to no avail. My search and quest solution ended when I first met Attorney Frieda Goldstein in a church in Bronx New York during one of her ‘Church to Church’ Free Immigration Seminar which she and Mr. Franklin Allakpo spearheaded and organized with Bishop Dr. Rosemary Porbeni in Bronx New York to help everyone. During the Seminar, I observed and saw Attorney Frieda’s unusual confidence, standard knowledge on the Job and another thing I saw was her practical humility. Thus within 48hours of her Free Immigration Seminar in Bronx and i and my wife resolved to hire her legal services for ourselves and our children. We related our case to her and she filed for us. Within few weeks she applied for our Green Card on our behalf we saw tangible results. In fact both of us now secured our EAC, which is prelude to our Green Card. This early sunday morning today(Sept 11, 2016) I checked my private mailbox and received my driving license which the EAC enabled me to apply, also the social security card I applied for was also delivered to me by mail last week. God used Attorney Frieda Goldstein and her entire Team Members to make everything possible for me and my family. Thank you all at Pozogoldstein. Your Customer’s Service and human-face(Empathy) is very excellent and recommendable. You Team is so much Excellent, very outstanding, and very knowledgeable. I enjoyed doing business with your entire team. You Guys are just Good in tackling these scary nightmares called immigration Problems (challenges). Bravo!

Past Client

We were so happy we decided to call Frieda back in 2013 when my spouse and I married and sought permanent residency. It was right after same-sex marriage became legal in the United States. Frieda and her team took us through the process flawlessly. My spouse received his conditional residency in November 2013 and just recently, April 27, he received his permanent residency. Frieda reminded us that he can now apply for citizenship in August of this year. We highly recommend Frieda Goldstein for your immigration requirements. We could not be happier with her representation.

Avvo Reviewer

This review is to inform my experience with the law firm of Pozo and Goldstein. The firms backbone is professionals who truly care about all who need the best to have the privilege and honor of becoming legal. Mr. Goldstein accepted to take my very difficult case after a detailed consultation. He can be described as a man of honor, with outstanding knowledge of the INS laws, far superior than his colleagues and the experience of having worked as a prosecutor for the government in the above mentioned department. Well respected by both sides for he will find the way to justice no matter how good it may hide. When you file and I urge you to do it soon. Homeland security will perform an MRI of your application and your life. If they find something wrong, no matter how small, it will be denied and you could be placed in Deportation procedures, pending to face an honorable Federal Judge. None of you want to get to that. I filed and went to the interview with another lawyer and the american dream became the american nightmare. Save yourself and loved ones from the CLEAR and PRESENT danger of deportation. Steve got my legal status while in the process he treated me like one of his own. He is your TOP GUN if you want victory. Finally, I must add, “when he speaks his mind you better listen good, 99% of the time it becomes reality”. After 37 years of living here, I don’t have to leave, but stay with my family in this great nation. His fees are for more reasonable than the others. Steven Goldstein is number 1.

Avvo Reviewer

I honestly thought my life was over before I met Frieda Goldstein. I was frustrated and angry with the system. This deportation case took me through hell and back but she remained positive and professional throughout my rants. She’s diligent, kindhearted, knowledgeable, and an overall beautiful human being. She worked really hard to get my case dismissed. I am proud to say last week I became a United States Citizen. If I didn’t seek her help I wouldn’t be this happy today. I would 100% recommend Mrs. Frieda Goldstein. I will forever be thankful for all she has done for me. ??


Mrs. Gyires has patiently followed my case for a non-immigrant VISA for more than 1.5 years, always available to answer my many doubts and questions, to recommend me the way to go. She has been indefatigable, persistent and available in defending my case and eventually winning it. It was by no means an easy visa petition; many a lawyer had told me before it would be almost impossible to get it. Yet Mrs. Gyires’ skills and knowledge made it possible for me to get what I was hoping for and even much more. Thank you so much, I can’t wait to work with Mrs. Gyires again in the future!

Avvo Reviewer

I recently petitioned for a green card for my new wife. Ms. Frieda Goldstein was very knowledgeable and made me feel very relaxed when I first met her. She went through everything with me and my wife very thoroughly. We had many questions for her. She answered all of them with ease and made the process very simple and educational. We thought we were talking to a friend. We were able to contact here anytime and that was a relief. The whole process was great and I would definitely recommend her anyone. One more thing, the associate in Miami, Felicia Richards was wonderful to work with. The whole process was a pleasure.

Avvo Reviewer