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Battered Spouse Self Petition

A woman from Jamaica entered the United States and settled in Broward County, Florida, overstaying her visitor’s visa. She entered into what she thought was a happy marriage with a seemingly, loving, United States citizen husband. They spoke about her becoming a lawful permanent resident through her marriage to him and that he would also petition for her two children who remained behind in Jamaica. Unfortunately, her husband became abusive and even though she became pregnant with his child, he began to abuse her physically and threaten her with deportation if and when she did not yield to his every wish. Luckily for her, she met with one of our partners who explained that she could petition through the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). Once she was safely out of the abuser’s home and into a safe haven, she was able to have her two young daughters from Jamaica join her in the United States, by entering on tourist visas. Our office filed an I-360 petition on her behalf and submitted ample documentation on her marriage to the United States citizen and also provided evidence of the abuse she suffered at his hands. We supplemented this filing once their child was born with proof that the child was fathered by the abuser.

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