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Bernie Sanders’ America

Bernie Sanders new campaign ad features the famous ballad “America” beautifully done by American favorites Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel and has made a hit and is causing a lot of discussion. Click Here to see the commercial.

The ad itself is a sixty-second musical montage featuring families with children, middle-aged couples, a same sex couple embracing, idyllic farm scenes and finally campaign rallies featuring the American flag. Mr. Sanders smiles at the camera as the music strengthens and the message becomes clear, “They’ve all come to look for America.” The coming together of the nation is the foundation on which Mr. Sanders has built his campaign. As his support rapidly grows so does the hope that immigration being central to the county’s goals continues to be addressed in a positive light.

Mr. Sanders, a Vermont Senator, is the most liberal supporter of immigration reform out of all candidates to date. He opposes the deportation or removal of undocumented individuals from the country, instead supports a plan for legalization and ultimately citizenship. Mr. Sanders has also stated that he would move to abolish immigration detention facilities in the United States and allow undocumented individuals to purchase health insurance through the government subsidized Affordable Care Act. In doing so, Mr. Sanders demonstrates his commitment to human rights, starting with reaching those present within the borders of our country.

Mr. Sanders supported and voted for the 2013 comprehensive immigration reform bill, but did voice reservations regarding the guest worker program. Earlier in his career, Mr. Sanders had not always been a staunch supporting of illegal immigration and had seen it as on obstacle to unemployment in the country. However, he his position has evolved as he continued to move forward with his campaign for the presidency, seeking the Democratic nomination. Mr. Sanders has provided and outlined a more detailed and liberal plan for immigration reform than Hillary Clinton, his main adversary for the Democratic nomination.

Mr. Sanders has spoken passionately for the rights of undocumented individuals in the country and stands up for the stop of removal and separation of families in the United States. Immigration advocates, who may have been skeptical about his stance on the issues in the past, are gaining reassurance that he is the candidate who is most likely to support their point of view on the subject. In November, when Mr. Sanders spoke in the state of Nevada, he said “It is time to bring our neighbors out of the shadows. It is time to give them legal status.” Since last year he has echoed this message adding “We are a nation of immigrants . . . Hard working families coming to the United States to create a brighter future for their children.”

His views directly contrast those of Republican candidate Donald Trump. Mr. Trump’s plan for immigration is damaging to the country in many ways. His proclamation that he will deport all illegal individuals present in the country is unreasonable and impossible for many reasons.

Mr. Sanders’ new campaign ad, which resonates with many Americans echoes his commitment and compassion for the American people, including legal and undocumented individuals.

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