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Cuban Adjustment Law Could Be In Jeopardy

With all the excitement about comprehensive immigration reform, there are some who may be adversely affected by a new immigration law. The Cuban population, for example, could see the law known as the Cuban Adjustment Act modified or eliminated. The Cuban Adjustment Act is a law specifically created for only Cubans who manage to make it to the United States no matter if their entry is legal or illegal. Once on United States soil, a Cuban only need wait for one year to be eligible to apply for a green card and lawful permanent resident status. The advantage of being Cuban has spawned many fraudulent rings that manufacture and sell false Cuban birth certificates.

Senator Rubio admits that it is unavoidable that a conversation regarding the Cuban Adjustment Act will take place during deliberations. Even if not eliminated, the law may be significantly restricted to allow only those who can show political persecution to be able to secure green cards.

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