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DREAM Act in 2010?

Senator Harry Reid has promised that the Senate will vote this year on enactment of the DREAM Act, which would give thousands of undocumented immigrants who wish to pursue higher education a chance to do so. In the process, these immigrants will begin a path to legal residency. With the continuing disappointment surrounding the failure of the United States government to pass meaningful and comprehensive immigration reform, the DREAM Act will at least address those undocumented immigrants who were, in most cases, brought into the United States by their parents when they were themselves minors.

As immigration lawyers , many times we represent minors in removal proceedings who are smart, talented, and an asset to our country. The DREAM Act makes sense because these students must fulfill higher educational requirements before they are granted permanent legal status. The Act gives these students the legal status necessary to obtain an education. We will keep a close eye on this developing story.

Click here to read the story from ABC News.

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