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Thank You Attorney Frieda and Big Thank you to the entire Pozogoldstein Team members. This is to extend my Felicity. Today Sunday September 11th 2016 is a positive memorable day for me. Few weeks ago i got my Employment or work authorization card which is prelude to my green card request. After several dealings with other Immigration Attorneys and I even traveled to Oklahoma to sort out my family’s immigration challenges all to no avail. My search and quest solution ended when I first met Attorney Frieda Goldstein in a church in Bronx New York during one of her ‘Church to Church’ Free Immigration Seminar which she and Mr. Franklin Allakpo spearheaded and organized with Bishop Dr. Rosemary Porbeni in Bronx New York to help everyone. During the Seminar, I observed and saw Attorney Frieda’s unusual confidence, standard knowledge on the Job and another thing I saw was her practical humility. Thus within 48hours of her Free Immigration Seminar in Bronx and i and my wife resolved to hire her legal services for ourselves and our children. We related our case to her and she filed for us. Within few weeks she applied for our Green Card on our behalf we saw tangible results. In fact both of us now secured our EAC, which is prelude to our Green Card. This early sunday morning today(Sept 11, 2016) I checked my private mailbox and received my driving license which the EAC enabled me to apply, also the social security card I applied for was also delivered to me by mail last week. God used Attorney Frieda Goldstein and her entire Team Members to make everything possible for me and my family. Thank you all at Pozogoldstein. Your Customer’s Service and human-face(Empathy) is very excellent and recommendable. You Team is so much Excellent, very outstanding, and very knowledgeable. I enjoyed doing business with your entire team. You Guys are just Good in tackling these scary nightmares called immigration Problems (challenges). Bravo!

Past Client

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