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Family Illustrates the Story of Venezuelan Immigration

Venezuelan immigration

Venezuelan Immigration into the United States

Immigration to the U.S. can take several paths. One journey some immigrants in Miami have taken is the asylum process. Venezuelan immigration has recently been in the news because of the economic and political upheaval in the nation, which has led many people to flee the country in the hope of finding safety and a better life in Doral, Florida. The Doral immigration lawyers at Pozo Goldstein have helped many Venezuelans navigate through the immigration process as they begin their new life in the U.S. Here is a story of a family who immigrated to the U.S. from Venezuela that demonstrates what many immigrants undergo.

Venezuelan Immigration

More than 6.8 million Venezuelans have fled the country because of multiple crises, economic disasters, and the hardline government of Nicholas Maduro. Many migrants from Venezuela choose to come to Doral because of the large Venezuelan community and the resources available in the city. Out of the city’s population, 35% report that they have Venezuelan roots.

Raíces Venezolanas is a charitable organization in Doral that provides resources to arriving Venezuelans. It operates a storage facility that is filled with items newly arrived immigrants need to begin their lives in the U.S. Many people arrive in Doral without any belongings and only have their documents. Many of the families in Doral took dangerous journeys to reach the U.S., traveling through eight countries before they reached the border and entered to claim asylum in Texas. People who successfully claim asylum at the border might come to Doral because of friends and family who already live in the city.

Family’s Story Illustrates Venezuelan Immigration

The family arrived in Doral four years ago. When they first arrived, they received a variety of household items from Raices, including a stroller, car seats, baby food, clothes, and kitchen items. Before leaving Venezuela, the family lived in Punta de Mata in Northern Venezuela.

The family owned a home in Punta de Mata, and the father worked for a tire distributor while the mother worked as a medical technologist. However, when Nicholas Maduro came to power, the family faced danger since they had long supported the opposition.

In 2016, the mother was pregnant with her oldest child and was working at a polling center for regional elections. After a man walked in wearing a shirt with a politician’s face on it, she complained to the guard because the man was supporting a candidate inside the policing place. The man confronted her outside of the polling center and threatened her. She tried to ignore him by walking with a small group of people, but they were surrounded by motorcycles ridden by pro-government enforcers.

Political operators started showing up at their home asking for them. In one instance, two men forced their way into the home and demanded to speak to the father. He claimed to be his own brother instead of acknowledging his identity. The two men stole many of the family’s belongings, including both of their vehicles. The family then moved to a nearby city called Maturin, but the enforcers started looking for them there. Realizing that they were targets and unsafe, they drove to Barcelona, Venezuela, and flew to Miami, Florida. They didn’t have time to sell their assets before leaving Venezuela, so they arrived without money. By this time, the mother was pregnant with their second child. They slept with their daughter on an air mattress in the apartment of a friend.

The family benefited from Raices by obtaining household items they needed. The organization provides items to anyone who needs them for free so that they can have a better quality of life in the U.S.

The family has now settled into their new lives in the U.S. The mother has a job working as a medical lab technician, and the father is a supervisor in a window factory. They earn enough to support themselves while also sending money to family members in Venezuela. Through hard work, the family was able to save enough money to purchase a home in Homestead. However, they are still waiting for their initial asylum interviews and worry about what might happen if their application is denied. For now, however, they are pursuing the American dream and hope that they can make it permanent.

Speak to a Doral Immigration Lawyer

This family is among many who have fled Venezuela because of the dangerous conditions in the country. If you or a loved one is a Venezuelan immigrant who needs help with the asylum process, the experienced immigration lawyers at Pozo Goldstein are prepared to help. Call us today for a consultation at (305) 856-0400.

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