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Florida Immigration Tuition Bill

Supported by he Florida House Speaker, Bill Weatherord, the Florida House panel last week unanimously approved a bill that would allow undocumented students to take advantage of in-state tuition rates for secondary education in the Sunshine State. Taking a page out of D.C., however, the Florida Senate is likely to resist the bill if and when it heads their way.

Under the bill, students would qualify for in-state tuition if they started attending high school in Florida at least three years before they graduate and subsequently apply for college within two years. The difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition could amount to thousands of dollars.

Because of the gridlock in our Nation’s Capital on immigration issues, President Obama and many individual states have taken it upon themselves to fix our broken immigration system. In this case, President Obama put regulations in place that would give certain undocumented aliens who were brought into the United States as children, deferred action which would allow them to remain legally in the United States and attend college. This, however, only presents a solution for one half of the problem. For many taking advantage of the deferred action, out-of state tuition is beyond their means and thus they cannot afford to attend college even when presented with this golden opportunity for an education in the United States.

Those oppose to the bill use the same reasoning to being opposed to comprehensive immigration reform. They are worried that those who are here legally and those who are United States citizens will be pushed out of line for benefits if we extend certain benefits to certain undocumented aliens.

The difference here is that these children who were brought into the United States through no choice of their own, are being further punished by losing out on a college education. The President has recognized this which is why he, essentially, instituted the DREAM Act which Congress could not advance.

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