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Florida’s Take on Speculation of the Supreme Court’s Arizona Immigration Law Interpretation

The hearing on the Arizona immigration law is already underway with the Supreme Court hearing arguments on the most controversial provisions and already there is speculation that the justices may be leaning towards Arizona’s side, but it is too soon to tell. Be that as it may, activists nationwide are revamping their protest efforts to make clear their opposition to the law and their support for the government’s position on this matter. In an effort to stop what they call the “Arizonification” of the United States, Florida immigration advocates held a press conference in Homestead at which speakers called upon the Obama administration to end Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s “Secure Communities” immigration enforcement program. But others in the state are doing the exact same opposite. According to WCTV news in Tallahassee, “Florida’s Attorney General [Pam Bondi] joined the case, urging the nation’s high court to let states detain suspected immigrants.”

The Republican Party of Sarasota County has launched a petition supporting the passage of an Arizona-style immigration enforcement law for Florida. The petition states that the federal government has failed “to control our country’s borders and protect American citizens from the crimes committed and costs incurred by illegal immigrations,” and calls for support of the 2010 immigration law passed by the State of Arizona. However slanted certain speculation about the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the law may be, the Immigration Policy Center, which opposes the law and supports comprehensive immigration reform, writes that the “Supreme Court will not consider SB 1070 in its entirety. Instead, it will consider the legality of four provisions that lower courts temporarily blocked from taking effect.” Which way will the Supreme Court’s decision go? Though speculation may run rampant, only time will tell for sure.

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