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Frieda is great at what she does, she has all the answers.

Frieda is great at what she does, she has all the answers. She’s easy to contact (some lawyers don’t respond) and keep in touch. She’s quick at responding as well at my questions. She gave me good tips on studying for the civic exam. I worked with her on my application for naturalization through marriage to a US citizen. My case went pretty smoothly, no real big issues! We filed end of Feb and I got my citizenship end of July (but this is only because I postponed my ceremony for a month), otherwise, it would have been end of June, total of 4 months. My only tip is do bring everything they request for you to bring for the interview, I didn’t have my “utility bill” with me and ended up having to run around in the city for 2 hours to gather a list of items and run back to the interviewer to submit same day (I was lucky my interviewer was nice enough to accept same day), otherwise, my case would have been delayed. Just some tips!

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