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GOP and Immigration Reform 2014

There is good news on the immigration reform front that Speaker John Boehner is working with his GOP Caucus this month on a set of “principles” that will guide them in a response to the Senate’s comprehensive immigration reform legislation. These principles have been rumored to include a path to legalization for the nearly 12 million undocumented immigrants. This is a stark contrast to their previous solution to the immigration problem which was “self-deportation”.

The GOP has finally acknowledged that there will not be immigration reform without addressing the undocumented. Boehner has also pushed back against conservative groups over their objections to any immigration solution that includes a path to legalization. Once the GOP agrees on an outline, and on its own draft of legislation, they will try to hammer out a compromise with the Senate’s version.

It is expected that the Republicans will allow currently undocumented immigrants to remain legally in the United States without fear of deportation but require them to apply for legalization through current processes.

It remains to be seen what the Republicans will come up with but most believe that they realize that they must be part of a comprehensive immigration reform effort.

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