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Hiring Undocumented Immigrants Hazardous for Workers, Routine for Some Companies

Undocumented Workers

A surprise raid on a Texas manufacturing firm resulted in 160 undocumented workers being detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on August 28, 2018. The company in question, Load Trail, manufactures trailers for commercial and personal use. ICE officials indicated that the company was suspected of knowingly committing illegal hiring practices by employing undocumented workers at its Sumner, Texas, manufacturing plant.

Exploiting Vulnerable Individuals

No criminal arrests have yet been made by ICE, despite the fact that the agency has already taken action against Load Trail in 2014 for hiring unauthorized workers. At that time, the company paid a $444,993 fine for allegedly hiring and employing 179 undocumented workers. While those employed by Load Trail are currently being detained and may be subject to deportation, the company is likely to face what amounts to a financial slap on the wrist for its illegal hiring practices.

Few Consequences for Offending Companies

According to one ICE official, Load Trail indicated that “they would simply pay the fine and go on.” This attitude and approach contrasts sharply with the harsh consequences that workers face if they are apprehended by ICE. Detention and deportation are among the most common results for undocumented workers in Miami and across the U.S. Taking steps to correct issues with visas and residency status by contacting a qualified Miami immigration lawyer can help undocumented immigrants stay in this country legally and can offer greater peace of mind when dealing with federal agencies and taking advantage of employment opportunities.

High Risks for Undocumented Workers

The Load Trail case demonstrates the unequal treatment of employers who violate the law by hiring undocumented workers and the workers they exploit in their companies. Working with an experienced Miami immigration lawyer can provide added help for those in our area who may be worried about visa issues, undocumented status and other problems that could result in detention or deportation by ICE and other federal agencies.

At Pozo Goldstein, we offer expert legal representation for all types of immigration issues. Our team includes two former immigration prosecutors and a former judge, which allows us to draw on their extensive expertise when providing you with guidance on your case. Call us today at 305-856-0400 to schedule a consultation in our office. The legal team at Pozo Goldstein is ready to take on your case and to help you and your family pursue your own American dreams.

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