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Holding Obama Accountable to his Promise

In this past election, 72% of Latinos eligible to vote came out in support of President Obama, being a decisive force behind his victory. That is why now, just a few weeks shy of the end of yet again another year with him at the nation’s helm, the immigrants who helped him get re-elected are demanding he keep to his promise and finally deliver what they have been patiently waiting for.

No doubt, the President has heard the message loud and clear, and it is high time for him to step it up and get to work on accomplishing that aim. According to MSNBC, cabinet secretaries are already gearing up to “make the case for how changes in immigration laws could benefit businesses, education, healthcare and public safety.” It will reportedly start as early as January, which coincides with Capitol Hill’s intentions to start legislative hearings soon thereafter.

Clarissa Martinez de Castro, of the National Council of La Raza, said: “it’s going to be early. We are seeing it being organized to be ready.” Doubt remains as to whether Obama’s willingness will be enough to get the job accomplished. Even though Democrats had significant gains in the U.S. Senate, the House of Representatives is still overwhelmingly dominated by Republicans, and the vast majority have strong disagreements that run deep when it comes to this issue. “Political consultants in Washington are panicking about Hispanics, and their solution is to grant amnesty. They’re afraid Hispanics hate Republicans, so they want more of them? It doesn’t pass the laugh test,” said a conservative GOP Congressman.

And while Republicans are certainly the most resistant to passing any type of comprehensive immigration reform because in their mind it equates an amnesty, a national poll conducted by Politico and the George Washington University found that more Republicans are actually in favor of a path to citizenship than those who oppose it (49% versus 45%). The poll also found that 62% of those surveyed support a reform while only 35% oppose it. Given the overall support, the White House has repeatedly said that after it deals with the solution to avoid the fiscal cliff, for which it has until the end of this year to do, it plans to aggressively push for this overdue reform that will put undocumented immigrants en route to become equal with everyone else in this country they call home.

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