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ICE Dive Team Finds Skull in Miami

The U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement’s (“ICE”) Miami Tactical Dive Team have found a human skull off of Miami’s coast. The skull has since been turned over to the Miami-Dade Police Department for further investigation. In the past, the Team has rescued a man who had suffered a seizure and had to be pulled form the water in Fort Lauderdale during the Lighted Boat Parade. Even though they may be relatively unknown, the have been swimming their way through Florida’s waterways for the past seven years. Some of the activities they typically do include conducting underwater security sweeps of the sea, searching for explosive devices and suspicious activity, as well as performing special sweeps when visiting dignitaries board boats, cross bridges or visit areas near waterways.

The tactical dive team is famous for conducting searches for drug packages and evidence that traffickers may attempt to throw overboard. They routinely conduct “hull searches” on the underside of container vessels, tankers, cruise ships and other boats, looking for hidden compartments or quick release devices that may be used to hide evidence or other contraband. Because South Florida has many areas that are next to waterways, such as marinas, docks and waterfront homes and buildings; the team members are especially trained to conduct maritime surveillance of these places along with boats where there may be suspected illegal activity.

As occurred with the discovery of the human skull, the dive team often recovers evidence that can include anything from human remains to firearms and stolen vehicles. They work alongside the Miami-Dade Police Department and other law enforcement agencies, including even the U.S. military, to conduct investigations, solve cases and are instrumental in helping keep U.S. citizens and Florida residents safe.

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