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Immigrant Families Released Into the United States

On the heels of the accusations that President Obama is known as the Deportation President, comes a report that his administration has released into the United States an unknown number of families apprehended while travelling illegally from Central American countries. Apparently, the government knows how many people have been released into the United States but is not disclosing the actual number.

Although the number of people is not known, there is widespread speculation that it is believed to exceed 40,000 since this past October. This information impacts the Obama administration and plans to relax the laws for immigrants if Congress cannot pass comprehensive immigration reform this summer. Another ramification is the already over-burdened immigration court system. Once released into the United States, these immigrant families are often placed in Removal Proceedings before an Immigration Judge.

Most of the families are from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. There are plans to open a new detention facility in New Mexico, possibly to handle the thousands of immigrants attempting to enter the United States. There have been at least seven occasions in the past two weeks where administration officials dodged the question of how many families have been released into the United States.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest commented that the Obama administration has shown willingness to deal with this emerging humanitarian situation.

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