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Immigrants Detained After Showing Up for Required USCIS Marriage Interviews

Immigrants Detained

In what appears to be a joint effort by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), officials have been detaining and threatening deportation for individuals who show up for interviews regarding their marriages to U.S. citizens. These interviews are scheduled by USCIS and are required as part of the process to become a legal permanent resident of the United States. In many cases, however, ICE has also shown up for these interviews to take individuals in on deportation orders that may be decades old and for which a waiver is already being sought.

Alleged Entrapment of Immigrants

Immigrants who have married a U.S. citizen and are seeking lawful permanent residency status so that they can remain with their spouse are required to go through a specific legal process, which includes interviews with USCIS to determine the validity of the marriage and to ensure that no fraud is being perpetrated in the immigration process. In recent months, however, many families have arrived at a USCIS-mandated interview to find ICE waiting to detain and potentially to deport a husband or wife. This represents a real deterrent for immigrants and their families in attempting to resolve their status with ICE and other immigration authorities.

The Value of a Qualified Miami Immigration Lawyer

For those seeking lawful permanent residency status in the U.S., working with an experienced and knowledgeable Miami immigration lawyer can be a good first step toward obtaining a green card and the right to remain in this country. These dedicated professionals can provide you with expert representation and the best strategies for resolving issues with ICE quickly and streamlining the process with USCIS and other federal immigration agencies. This can help Miami residents avoid issues with entrapment by federal officials when attempting to resolve their immigration status.

If you need the services of an experienced and knowledgeable Miami immigration lawyer, Pozo Goldstein can help with expert legal assistance and representation for you and your family. Our team of attorneys includes a former judge and two former immigration prosecutors. This depth of relevant experience allows us to provide you with the most practical solutions for all your immigration needs. Call us today at 305-856-0400 to discuss your case with one of our attorneys. We look forward to the chance to help you and your family pursue your own version of the American dream.

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