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Justice Department Sends More Immigration Judges to Speed up Miami Deportations

President Trump ran on campaign promises to curb illegal immigration. So far he has followed through on those promises. Whether you agree with the new policies or not, they are happening. The latest development in the administration’s fight against illegal immigration is reassigning judges. While the plan isn’t yet official, they are working on it behind the scenes. Miami is one of the cities on the short list to receive extra immigration judges. The goal is to speed up Miami deportations.

This move is unusual, to say the least. The weirdest part of the entire order is that the Department of Homeland Security made the request for judges to shuffle. Traditionally the Department of Justice is solely responsible for the administration of federal courts. The spokesperson for the Department of Homeland Security has declined to comment because the plan has yet to be finalized.

Miami Deportations Backlog

The backlog of deportation cases is currently over 540,000 cases. There are some 30,000 illegal immigrants awaiting deportation hearings in Florida. Of those cases, Miami deportations account for more than 24,000. The Miami deportations backlog is troubling to the President’s administration. Speeding up deportations is one of the President’s top priorities. Almost 10% of the immigrants facing deportation have also been charged with crimes. This doesn’t bode well for their deportation cases.

What We Know So Far

The available details of the President’s efforts are limited. What we do know is that 12 cities with a large number of deportation cases are have been targeted. The cases that the judges are set to hear involve immigrants that have other criminal charges. What we don’t know is how long these judges will stay in the cities. This may be a quick fix while the administration determines a plan. Or these could be permanent reassignments.

President Trump has also said he will triple the number of ICE agents. This could lead to more detention of immigrants and further strain on Miami deportations.

Adding judges temporarily is much like putting a band-aid on a gunshot wound. There are currently 19 immigration judges in Miami, that means there are more than 1,000 cases for each judge to handle. The real solution to the problem will be hiring more immigration judges to preside over Miami deportations.

Immigration Cases Are Fast

Judges are under an immense amount of pressure to close these cases quickly. Deportation proceedings can last as little as five minutes. With even larger backlogs judges face even more pressure. Having an immigration attorney to help you in the procedures is imperative. Otherwise, a judge could decide your fate in minutes. It is evident to see the issue with the speed of hearings. Important details could easily be overlooked. Having a deportation lawyer who knows the law will make the court respect you right to due process.

Illegal Immigrant Criminals

This new policy aims to target illegal immigrants that have criminal charges first. The difference between an illegal immigrant and a criminal is only, criminal charges. However, this doesn’t mean that immigrants with clean records are safe. The President plans to deport anyone without proper documentation.

Another concern is that this plan targets any immigrant with a pending legal case. This includes anyone with pending legal charges, not just those that are guilty. This essentially throws out the cornerstone of our judicial system, that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Opponents claim that this new plan unfairly targets those that may be innocent and are no real danger to the U.S.

This may sound scary, and it is. Anyone who doesn’t have proper documentation has a target on their back. The President plans to make good on his campaign promises when it pertains to deportation.

Find an Immigration Attorney

All of the recent developments in the political landscape may be unsettling to an illegal immigrant. If you are an illegal immigrant, it may be wise to seek an immigration attorney before anything happens. Waiting until the day comes that you need an attorney, may be a mistake. You should put a plan in place ahead of time so that you have the best chance of winning your case.

Do not panic. Panicking can only make things worse. Find a Miami immigration lawyer today and sit down to discuss a plan. Getting on the right track to permanent residence may be easier than you think.

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