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An Immigration Law Firm in Miami Highlights a Case You Need to Follow

immigration law firm in miamiFor the most part, immigration law happens outside the spotlight. As a result, the people who are involved with it, like the attorneys at an immigration law firm in Miami, are the only ones who follow case law closely. That could change over the coming year as a potentially groundbreaking immigration law cases goes before the supreme court. Rely on our immigration law firm in Miami to give you a quick but complete rundown of a case you need to follow.

Jennings vs. Rodriguez

This case deals directly with the issue of immigration detention and deportation, making it particularly timely. The issue in question is whether an immigrant who has been detained can apply for a bond after a period of six months. That may not seem like a major squabble, but anyone who has worked with an immigration law firm in Miami will understand the consequences. The extent to which the government can detain immigrants indefinitely is one that affects many non-citizens and has a particularly disruptive effect on families. This case will determine whether that situation gets better or worse over coming years.

What is Likely to Happen?

It is important to note that this case does not affect all immigrants who are detained but only those who have been placed in “mandatory detention.” Unless the right to a bond hearing is granted, their detention can drag on indefinitely, even for years. Right now, it is impossible to predict how this decision will shake out. The community of lawyers in our immigration law firm in Miami believes that Justices will be closely split, and that their decision could have a broad impact on immigration policy into the future. This is definitely a case to keep an eye on, even if you or someone you love is not potentially affected by it.

We will continue to keep you updated about this case as it progresses though the court. In the meantime, if you need the advice and counsel of an immigration law firm in Miami, reach out to Pozo Goldstein by calling 305-547-8831.

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