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Immigration News: 10,000 U Visas Approved for 5th Fiscal Year

According to the U.S. Citizenship an Immigration Services (USCIS), 10,000 “U” Nonimmigrant Vistas for victims of criminal activity were approved for the fifth fiscal year in a row. This is the statutory maximum number of U visas that can be approved.

U Visas were developed to help law enforcement prosecute cases than involve human trafficking, domestic violence, and sexual assault, while providing protection for victims of these crimes.

According to a press release from the USCIS, it will continue to review pending applications even though it reached the maximum number of approved applications, and applicants may be placed on a waiting list to enter the country under U Nonimmigrant Visa status once the USCIS beings accepting applications again.

The USCIS will begin issuing U Visas again in October of 2014.

Who can petition for nonimmigrant status?

If you are the victim of a qualifying criminal offense, you may be able to obtain nonimmigrant status in the United States through a U Visa. Victims of domestic violence, prostitution, false imprisonment, blackmail, kidnapping, abduction, etc. may seek a U visa.

In order to obtain a visa, you must possess information about the criminal activity and suffered substantial metal / physical abuse.

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