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Immigration Reform – The Cost of Doing Nothing

What are the ramifications of doing nothing about immigration reform. In an article by Jorge Lima, he proposes there are five key outcomes if the House of Representatives and the Senate cannot agree on immigration reform.

1. It will be tremendously disappointing to most Americans. Recent polls have shown the majority of Americans favor immigration reform of some kind or another. Remember, immigration reform is not just about granting status to millions of undocumented immigrants, it is about fixing a broken system in the United States, a country priding itself on the diversity of its citizens. It is about strengthen our security by improvements in border security. If nothing at all is done regarding immigration, Americans will not be happy.

2. Doing nothing will affect the Nation’s economic strength. Passing immigration reform will help reduce the deficit and the United States will reap millions of dollars in revenue through filing fees and taxes paid by new members of the legal workforce.

3. Without reform, America will lose jobs and high-tech skilled workers. As part of reform, visas for talented individuals who will help grow the United States will be expanded in number and category. Without reform, the caps will remain the same and not enough visas will be available for the highly skilled professionals wishing to live in America.

4. Without reform, more and more people will be forced to live in the United States in an undocumented status and the President will be forced to use his executive authority to selectively enforce the immigration laws.

5. This may be our last chance for a while. Failed attempts in 2006 and 2007 leave the effort in 2013 as a “third strike” opportunity. If Congress fails to pass immigration reform now, who knows when the next chance will be?

See the article.

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