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Joint Motion to Reopen

Our client is a native and citizen of Pakistan who applied for his green card through marriage to his United States citizen wife who is a native and citizen of India. Their case was heard at the Miami Immigration Court by an Immigration Judge. They were both very nervous. They were represented by an attorney. Unfortunately, they were caught in a lie by the Immigration Judge and she held it against them and denied the case. Being dishonest in removal proceedings is one of the worst things to do and will most certainly result in a case being denied. When our firm was retained, we decided the best thing to do was to file a Motion to Reopen with the Immigration Judge. We did so, fully explaining the reasons for the misrepresentation and we further explained that since the hearing, the couple had another child. The Immigration Judge expressed her desire to reopen the case after our arguments but could not because the case had been last decided byt the appeals court. The Judge certified the case to the Board of Immigration Appeals and they reopened the case after reviewing the entire scenario and circumstances and sent the case back to the Immigration Judge. We represented our clients in the new hearing, filed an I-601 waiver, and after a full hearing, our client was granted his green card.

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