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The Justice Department States Judge In Immigration is Overstepping Boundaries

On Tuesday, May 31, the Obama administration engaged in a feud with a federal judge who was hearing a challenge to President Obama’s executive actions on immigration. The Obama administration stated that the judge overstepped his authority when he imposed sanctions on government attorneys for what the judge stated were ethics violations.

During the judge’s ruling, the judge demanded that the department provides the names of tens of thousands of immigrants who were protected from deportation for three-year periods under President Obama’s programs. In addition, he demanded that government attorneys take ethics courses and barred many of these lawyers from appearing in his court.

The Justice Department stated that the judges claims, which stated that its attorneys lied to him and “called his punishments disproportionate,” were not accurate. The department added that the judge’s order would cost roughly $8 million over a five-year period and force the administration to provide the identities of innocent immigrants who were not involved in the dispute.

According to a statement filed in court, the director of the immigration agency stated that the judge’s demand for the names of 50,000 immigrants with three-year protection deferrals would be an unprecedented breach of immigration applications that are supposed to remain confidential.

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