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Miami Immigration Attorney on the Latin Influence in Miami

Miami Immigration Attorney on Immigration

Miami has long been a center of immigration for various Latino and Caribbean peoples, but there are certainly more Latino immigrants than all of the other immigrants combined and this has had a tremendous influence on almost every aspect of life in Miami.

Not only Cubans

When people think of the Latin immigration into Miami, most think only of the Cuban immigrants. But, as a Miami immigration attorney, I can tell you that this is not the case. In addition to Cubans, there are a large number of Venezuelans, Argentinians, and other Central and South Americans, each bringing their own unique Latin foods, arts and language.

Language and Latinos

While many in Miami speak some sort of Spanglish, a mix of English and Spanish, there are areas in Miami where it is basically Spanish only spoken here. As a Miami immigration attorney, I can tell you that I have found this to be the case more in Miami than in any other major city. Little Havana is an area where this is predominant.

Food and Miami

If you like Latin food, then Miami is certainly a great place for you to live. From Arepas to Zarzuela De Mariscos, you can find it in Miami. No matter what particular latin flavor you are looking for, it is here.

The Arts and Latinos

There are a variety of influences in Miami from artists of Hispanic descent, including the Miami Hispanic Ballet, the Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center and others. Whether you are a Miami immigration attorney or just Joe Citizen, it is easy to see the Latin influence in Miami art and culture just driving around town. Go through the Wynwood area of Miami and see for yourself.

Finance and Latinos

Immigrants from Latin countries are responsible for a lot of the financial growth of Miami. They are more likely to open their own businesses, on average, than even US citizens. I can tell you that as a Miami immigration attorney, I am proud to be involved in assisting these hard working, entrepreneurial people in their quest for citizenship. If you are thinking about immigrating to Miami, or are already here, call our office so that I can help you to obtain your share of the American Dream.