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Miami Immigration Lawyers: Immigration Fraud and Its Effect

Miami immigration lawyersQualified Immigration Attorneys

Miami immigration lawyers should be experts in their field. There have been several cases over the years of people passing themselves off as immigration attorneys who are not even attorneys. As an immigrant seeking Miami immigration lawyers to help them, you need to ask questions about their qualifications. They should be proud to answer and give examples of those that they have been able to help with their immigration to the United States. If they can’t give you examples or cite their educational background and training, then they are not the attorney for you.

Miami Immigration Lawyers Fraud Overview

The true victims of immigration fraud are the immigrants who pay others to help them and wind up with nothing to show for it. Take for example the recent case in Miami of Maylin Silva. Silva is a Venezuelan immigrant recently sentenced to federal prison for her fraudulent activities. She was convicted of immigration fraud and contempt of court. She took monies from fellow Venezuelans under the guise of filing their immigration paperwork and then used the money for herself. This is just one example of many that happen all the time.

Err on the side of Caution

Miami immigration lawyers have seen all too often cases where innocent immigrants, seeking only to become citizens, are ripped off and wind up worse than when they started. It is important that immigrants check qualifications and establish the pedigree of their attorney. If something doesn’t feel right, get a second opinion from someone else. Most reputable Miami immigration lawyers will offer a free consultation. If someone asks you to give them blank checks or money orders, beware! This is usually a ploy of someone who intends to use your money for themselves.

What to do Next

There are many resources that an immigrant seeking a qualified Miami immigration lawyer can use to protect themselves. A good place to start is the Florida Bar Association. Check to see if the lawyer you’re considering hiring is listed. See what organizations they are a part of; ask for references. Do your due diligence before you trust your future and that of your family to someone. Call today for a free consultation with the top Miami immigration lawyers available.

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