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Mr. Steven Goldstein made the impossible possible

After 10 years of battle not only Mr. Steven Goldstein exceeded our expectations, we truly believe that he made the impossible possible. Despite all of the hardships that my wife and I went through, such as deportation proceeding, numerous court hearings, constant appeals, endless motion filings, Mr. Goldstein fought till the end and won the final extremely important court hearing. We had the most difficult and complex asylum case, after changing five attorneys before we met Mr. Goldstein, we were hopeless, we could not dream of holding a green card, everything seemed impossible. One week ago we received a permanent resident card and we are beyond thankful to him and his office staff to make our impossible dream to reality. With all due respect to other immigration attorneys, we genuinely think that Mr. Steven A. Goldstein is the best immigration attorney in Florida.

David Gigoydze | Google Review

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