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New Head of USCIS Threatens Financial Repercussions for Sponsors of Immigrants

Immigration Lawyer in Miami

The new acting head of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced on June 14, 2019, that he will pursue the sponsors of legal immigrants for any welfare funds or public financial support that these individuals receive during their time in the United States. Ken Cuccinelli, formerly the state attorney general of Virginia, made the remarks in a USCIS memo, which was distributed to officials throughout the agency. This measure seems intended to discourage sponsorship of immigrants by U.S. residents. For those still in the process of immigrating to this country, working with a qualified immigration lawyer in Miami is a good initial step toward achieving legal residency and becoming a citizen of the United States.

A Hardliner at the Helm

Cuccinelli has long had a reputation for being tough on immigration issues. He has advocated the elimination of citizenship rights for children born of undocumented parents on U.S. soil. Cuccinelli has also argued for the denial of in-state tuition at public colleges and universities to those without legal residency or citizenship status. The recent announcement that USCIS will pursue financial recourse against sponsors of immigrants who receive public aid is in line with previous statements made by Cuccinelli, who appears poised to carry out Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda in its entirety.

The Value of a Qualified Miami Immigration Lawyer

Working with a Miami immigration lawyer can help immigrants and their sponsors to avoid negative consequences and adverse actions by federal officials. By entrusting your case to these experienced legal professionals, you can ensure the best possible outcomes for your situation. Your attorney can act on your behalf to resolve problems that could prevent you from living, working and studying in the United States.

If you need a qualified and experienced immigration lawyer in Miami, Pozo Goldstein can provide you with the services you need to stay in this country legally and to avoid adverse actions by Immigration and Customs Enforcement and USCIS. Our team consists of seasoned legal professionals and includes two former prosecutors in the immigration field and a former judge. This can help you to resolve any issues quickly and in the most effective way possible. Call us today at 305-856-0400 to schedule your consultation in our office. At Pozo Goldstein, we are here to help you protect your pursuit of the American dream.

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