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New Immigration Judges Appointed

The Immigration Court, also known as the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) added two additional immigration judges to handle removal and deportation proceedings. Both Judges were added to immigration courts in Texas.

One Judge was added to the Pearsall Immigration Court and the other to the El Paso Service Processing Center Court. The Department of Homeland Security refers to their detention centers as “service processing centers”.

Immigration Judges throughout the United States preside overremoval proceedings to determine whether those facing deportation will get a chance to remain in the United States. These proceedings involve a representative from the U.S. Government called Trial Attorneys, and a representative for the person facing deportation (Respondent). The Respondent usually has the burden of proof to show why he or she deserves a second chance to remain in the United States legally.

The immigration court system has been recently described as overwhelmed with the number of cases resulting in a huge backlog and delays in hearing dates. The Department of Justice who is responsible for the administration of the EOIR has been attempting to beef up the immigration judge ranks to deal with the backlogs.

Congratulations to the new Judges, Craig A. Harlow and Sunita B. Mahtabfar.

The attorneys of Pozo Goldstein, LLP represent respondents in removal proceedings in Miami and throughout the United States

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