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President Obama Extends More Immigrant Benefits

President Obama has extended legal status and military benefits to spouses and children who are undocumented immigrants of military members. This is an important policy that will allow those who serve our country to do so without worrying about their family members being deported. This policy covers all current military members, National Guard members, and all veterans.

The new policy, called “Parole in Place” is not a new law or regulation so it does not require congressional approval or public comment. It is not without criticism though. Opponents point to this policy as being an amnesty. They wonder why people should obtain legal status simply by their relation to a military member. Opponents point to President Obama slowly but surely enacting new immigration laws by implementation of his policies using executive orders.

What the President is doing is to accomplish what could be accomplished with the passage of immigration reform by congress but cannot advance due to partisan politics. Our immigration system is broken and the President is taking matters into his own hands because of congressional lack of action.

Regardless of anyone’s position on immigration reform or what side of the aisle they sit in congress, how could someone be against keeping our military members’ families together? It shows how political influences can sabotage even the most common-sense policy interests.

The Parole in Place program will assure that family members of military personnel are not placed in removal proceedings and can legally remain in the United States.

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