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Republicans May Be On Board For Immigration Reform

As I watched the election results come in I switched back and forth from network to cable news. I was paying particular attention to some of our local races along with, of course, the Presidential race. After a while, I realized that almost every news channel had at least one commentator saying the same thing. The common theme was that the Republican Party made a big mistake by ignoring the fastest rising population in the United States, Latinos.

More than a few commentators specifically mentioned that Mitt Romney’s much-publicized solution to our broken immigration system is “self-deportation”. Additionally, Romney made it clear that he would not extend the DREAM Act (DACA) program put in place by President Obama.

With all the important issues in this election such as the economy, Obamacare, foreign policy; immigration turned out to be a major factor. As such, the Republican Party will finally have to come around and realize that they must get on board and be a partner in passing comprehensive immigration reform if they are to have a chance four years from now.

As we look forward to the next year, I am sure we will see immigration reform at the head of the list for the President and Congress. Hopefully, we will begin processing benefit applications more than appearing in removal proceedings.

The people of this great country have spoken through our electoral system and the politicians are listening.

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