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Stepping up the War-Criminal Deportation Efforts

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrestImage via Wikipedia

According to U.S. immigration authorities there could be thousands of human rights violators and war criminals living as illegal immigrants in the United States, some of them have even been able to get into the U.S. with legal authorization. Locating and removing these criminals is nothing new for immigration enforcement officers, but lately the authorities have stepped up their efforts. The Human Rights Violators and War Crimes Center opened in 2009 and that is where legal experts, historians and investigators work side by side to uncover and locate those who have committed war crimes or violated human rights. The center is run by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and its efforts have facilitated the capture of several noteworthy criminals who were living under cover in the U.S. after having killed hundreds, or in some cases even thousands of people. At the ICE center there are 28 persons that work full time, and so far they have come up with a list of over 3,000 suspected war criminals or human rights violators. However, the laws are often not sufficient to prosecute offenders for their war crimes, and instead many of them are convicted of visa fraud or perjury, even petty charges such as jaywalking. Usually, a war criminal that lies about not having a criminal record in his home country would get convicted of visa fraud, sentenced to jail and eventually faced with deportation back to his native country where he would be put on trial for human rights violations. Unfortunately, it is much easier to do this in theory than in practice. Nevertheless, we believe this is a noble effort to curb the injustices in this crude world, for high-rate criminals should be deported and harmless immigrants should have a chance to stay in this country in their stead.

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