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Steven Goldstein and Team Complete Success

Today Mr. Steven Goldstein and his team after a lengthy but really professional a thoughtful process delivered not only for me but my Family but to me a great outcome. Due to common mistakes of not hiring a professional immigration Lawyers to handle my immigration matters before. I thought I was going to lose it all and remove away from this country after leaving here more than 18 years and being able to work and live legally. Mr. Goldstein fought for my rights to have a second chance and succeeded very successfully on getting my 237 (a)1(H) approval by making very clear to the U.S Government and the Judge in a professional and accurate way, and not only a second chance was given to me, but I’m also now on the way to become U.S citizen, Thank you Mr. Goldstein and his team From now on any immigration question, advice, needed to everyone close to me will go to Mr. Goldstein and his team.

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