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Strong Anti-Immigrant Biases Among New Members of Board of Immigration Appeals

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Hiring an Immigration Attorney in Miami

In a move that highlighted the influence of politics on the hiring practices currently in place in the Justice Department, Deborah Goodwin was named to fill a vacancy on the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). Many immigration advocates believe that Goodwin was chosen because of her record for denying asylum requests, a trait that she shares in common with the other five judges that have been appointed on a permanent basis since July 2019. Some advocates are urging Congress to investigate the selection process for judges on the BIA and for other Justice Department positions. For immigrants facing an increasingly hostile environment in the United States, working with an immigration attorney in Miami is the best strategy for achieving your goals of building a life in this country.

Six Judges With High Asylum Denial Rates

Goodwin is not the worst offender in terms of asylum denials among the judges appointed to the BIA. While her asylum denial rate between 2017 and 2018 was 89 percent, a full 32 percent higher than the national average, William Cassidy was also appointed to the court with an asylum denial rate of 95 percent between the years 2013 and 2018. Stuart Couch also was named to the BIA in recent months and has an asylum denial rate of 92 percent. In 2017, the BIA found that 10 of the rulings made by Couch were “clearly erroneous.” All of these rulings involved asylum applications from women who were fleeing domestic violence.

Retaining the Services of a Immigration Attorney in Miami

Enlisting the help of a qualified and knowledgeable immigration attorney in Miami is even more important now than ever before when pursuing your dreams of studying, working and building a life in our area. Your Miami immigration lawyer will provide you with the right representation and the most positive support to help you navigate your application for asylum, your visa issues or your citizenship application process more effectively.

If you are looking for the right Miami immigration lawyer, Pozo Goldstein is your best resource for legal support and help on your journey to permanent legal residency. Our team includes a former judge and two former prosecutors in the immigration field. By working with these seasoned legal professionals, you can ensure the best outcomes for your immigration situation. Call Pozo Goldstein today at 305-856-0400 to schedule a free consultation with our legal team. We look forward to the opportunity to help you and your family achieve your own American dreams.

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