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As the Senate and White House work on a strategy to motivate House Republicans to pass immigration reform, Christian leadership and members of the evangelic community pray for members of the House to do just that. This group is basing their pro immigration reform stance on their biblical values, and holds that reform is an avenue for preserving family unity, promoting respect for the law, and protecting human dignity.

The support comes as great news to both the Obama administration and the Senate, whose immigration goals will benefit from the support of a traditionally conservative constituency such as the religious right. In addition, around 30,000 people have joined the Evangelical “Pray for Reform” campaign. This strengthens the efforts of those working towards immigration reform, especially in a political arena where numbers translate into power.

Reverend Samuel Rodriguez, the president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference explains that “reform that addresses all parts of America’s broken immigration system can be both tough and compassionate.” His words echo the Senate’s bill passed earlier this month, which creates a pathway to citizenship for current undocumented immigrants while toughening up on boarder control. Although their intention is not to endorse a particular party, candidate, or piece of legislation, the Evangelical community calls for reform of our current immigration system.

Although House Republicans are still skeptical of the bill proposed by their lawmaking counterpart, polls representing members of both parties show vast support for comprehensive immigration reform amongst the American people. The Christian Right’s support of immigration reform highlights this phenomenon, and is a vital ingredient in demonstrating bipartisan support to the House GOP.

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