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Surprise Immigration Reform Supporter From the Right

Grover Norquist, a staunch right-wing conservative Republican, is coming around with support for Comprehensive Immigration Reform. In a speech at the Midwest Forum, Norquist stated that immigration is not just a Democratic/Republican issue, it is an issue for the United States.

Specifically, he said that it was a good idea to have more immigrants in the United States and to give a path to the undocumented immigrants already here. Norquist went on to say in an interview with ABC, that those promoting a restrictionist view of immigration are betting on a losing horse.

Immigration reform has been a political hot potato for several years. Former President George Bush came very close to passing Comprehensive Immigration Reform but fell just a few votes in Congress short of the mark. President Obama, during his first term, attempted to garner support from Congress for immigration reform but could not get it done. Instead, he passed a few executive orders to implement reform in certain areas.

The President has predicted Comprehensive Immigration Reform will pass if he is re-elected this November.

CLICK HERE to read the article in the Sun Sentinel newspaper.

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