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U Visa Granted in Miami, Florida

Our client  is the direct victim of a qualifying “criminal activity” which is attempted murder under Section 101(a)(15)(U) of the Immigration and Nationality Act.  He is statutorily eligible under the Attorney General guidelines, in that he has suffered significant mental distress and extreme hardship due to the crime committed against him, and he continues to assist the authorities with a active prosecution case, as reflected by the certification from the State Attorneys Office of the 11th Circuit Court of Florida.

Our client is a native of Honduras who entered the United States on or about November 1997 without inspection.  He was referred to theImmigration Court for removal proceedings and detained.  We applied for the U visa and it was granted today.

Our client was the victim of a shooting and has undergone treatment and care including but not limited to diagnostic testing, surgery, prescription management and physical therapy.  He has suffered substantial physical and mental distress due to this incident and requires special services and equipment to deal with his condition which is best offered in the United States.

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