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White House Announces New Deportation Policy

U.S. Deportation Policy The White House announced on Thursday August 18th that a new deportation policy will be implemented which will prioritize the deportation of documented and undocumented immigrations who have criminal records. This new policy includes allowing undocumented immigrants who would otherwise not qualify for relief from deportation to remain legally in the United States. Some would even qualify for permission to work and drive legally.

Obviously, President Obama has decided that he and the millions of undocumented immigrants can no longer wait for a divided Congress to pass meaningful and comprehensive immigration reform.

This policy will include the countless number of young people who have been waiting for the DREAM Act to pass through Congress also. Now those potential college students who could not obtain an education due to their immigration status will be permitted to stay and attend college. This is a decision by the administration that is sure to be talked about and heavily debated over the coming months.

Here at Pozo Goldstein, LLP we will be combing through all of our open and closed client files to identify all the people that can benefit from the new policy. It is important that those who believe they may qualify, seek the counsel of a competent immigration attorney before approaching the U.S. Government to ask for benefits under the policy.

CLICK HERE to see the White House Blog on this topic.

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