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Will the GOP Kill Immigration Reform Again?

We are now at a critical stage in the future of comprehensive immigration reform. Like in 2007, when President George W. Bush supported immigration reform, the GOP stands in the way. The Senate has already passed their version of a comprehensive immigration reform bill introduced by a bi-partison group of eight.

At this point, the GOP controlled House can choose to either vote on the Senate version of the bill or propose their own version and hash out a compromise with the Senate to pass a bill worthy to send to President Obama for his signature.

With his ratings on the rise, former President Bush has come out in support of comprehensive immigration reform once again. He is urging his party to cooperate and help pass reform. Unfortunately, although the word of a former President is important, he does not seem to be persuading the GOP.

What was once a rolling tide of growing support in the GOP for immigration reform has hit a sea wall and is falling apart. There is more negativity from the GOP regarding whether a compromise will be reached in this politically hot button item.

It is incredible that the lessons learned from the Presidential election defeats have already been lost on the GOP. They are doomed to have history repeat itself if they cannot manage to support immigration reform. The push made by both Democrats and Republicans this time around to pass immigration reform has surpassed even President Bush’s efforts in 2007 and we are facing a broken immigration system for many years to come if a bill is not successful this time.

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