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13 States Take Immigration Issues into Their Own Hands and the Outcome Looks Beneficial

Recently, 13 different states have taken action in regards to immigration rather than waiting for Congress take action at the federal level. These states have allowed immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses. In addition, these states have decided to mesh these undocumented immigrants in the mainstream economy in hopes of improving the state economies.

One representative from the Center of Budget and Policy Priorities states that this approach, a more inclusive one, can improve the state economies for a number of reasons. Some of these benefits include the following:

  • May be able to generate a more educated workforce
  • Ensures that companies and business owners are paying workers fairly
  • Can produce further income to pay for schools and other public institutions and programs that contribute to the foundation of a thriving economy
  • Can increase higher education and yield more educated immigrants
  • Can help in-state tuition rates, public universities, and public colleges

While many individuals worry that providing such benefits to undocumented immigrants will reduce the amount of income and employment rate for native-born Americans, others believe that these changes can be beneficial to the economies of participating states.

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