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Immigration Faces Tough Road Following Yesterday’s Election

The mid-term elections that took place yesterday were a landslide for the Republican Party in most parts of the country. This is not good news for supporters of a Comprehensive Immigration Reform, whose political leanings tend to be Democratic.

The Republican Party has articulated its opposition to any Immigration Policy that President Obama intends to promulgate. A spokesperson for the Republican Party announced that the election results of yesterday are an indication of how strong their voice is. The Party also warned that any attempt by the President to take action on his own to circumvent Congress by passing an Immigration Policy before he leaves office, would be opposed and would not be blocked at all cost.

The state of Oregon issued a referendum on the ballot that would have allowed undocumented individuals to obtain drivers licenses in the state without having to provide proof of their immigration status. Citizens of the state overwhelming voted the referendum down during the election yesterday. The state of Oregon would have been the 12thstate to allow such the driving privilege to be granted to its undocumented populous.

The referendum failed miserably with more than a two-to-one loss. The percentage of voters who opposed the change in the law, was greater than 67 percent. Leaders of the Hispanic community in Oregon were optimistically hopeful that the referendum would pass. If Oregon would have allowed undocumented individuals the right to drive legally in the state, it would have helped proponents of a Comprehensive Immigration Reform prove that states are willing to take a stand and afford rights to its citizens, even if the Federal Government is not following suit.

Instead of the state showing support for a new Immigration Policy, the message that came out of Oregon yesterday, following the result of the mid-term election, is one of intolerance and opposition to any such plan.

It was clear in the race for congressional seats across the country that Democrats who had supported an Immigration Policy were voted out by Republicans who openly opposed Immigration Reform. States such as North Carolina, Arkansas and Colorado saw victories by Republican candidates who openly promised to aggressively defend their position against according any rights or privileges to undocumented individuals in their states. The state of Louisiana finished up in a run-off that will take the issue to a December election where the issue will once again be reviewed and voted upon.

Senator Jeff Sessions from Alabama is a member of the Republican Party who has been very vocal about his opposition to President Obama’s support of a Comprehensive Immigration Policy. Senator Sessions has taken an active role as a leader to oppose any efforts to put forth a change in policy by the President or the Democratic White House. Following yesterday’s election he announced that the results of the mid-term elections are a clear indication of how voters feel about the proposed Immigration Policy and should send a message to President Obama that the majority of the American people do not support his plans for an Immigration Policy.

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