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Applications for the new immigration law may begin February 2015

However, the White House continues to move forward and expressed further explanation on the new Executive Action regarding immigration reform and made some important points for the public to understand.

One of the first concerns is that individuals make educated choices about who can help them with the application process. They warn against the use of “notaries”, who notoriously have been known to swindle unsuspecting individuals into various ruses in order to get paid without providing the service they have provided. Precise rules for the application process will be clearly posted on the USCIS website.

Another point the White House stresses is that people outside of the United States are NOT eligible for this new Executive Action. The program applies only to individuals who are already in the United States and have been here since January 1, 2010. Recent immigrants who arrived without inspection or admission will be one of the priorities for deportation or removal from the United States.

Currently the immigration law allows for spouses, parents and children of United States citizens to obtain lawful status, even if they have been present in the United States unlawfully. The new action will expand this provision and allow adult children of United States citizens, and the spouses, minor children and parents of lawful permanent residents to obtain status through their relative. There will be an element of “extreme hardship” and a waiver will be required, but that has not been fully laid out as of yet.

A new to pay for a United States citizen or Naturalization Application (N-400) will be through a credit card, something that was not available previously.

Individuals who are granted relief under this program may be allowed to travel outside of the United States for certain circumstances, following a request for advanced parole and permission from the Department of Homeland Security.

Most of the individuals who are eligible for relief under the new Executive Order would not have been priorities for deportation or removal, since they are people who do not have a criminal history.

The time frame for the application process is slated to begin applications in 2015, and projects that the three-year deferral permission would be granted by 2016.

The White House further remarked that they are putting together a list of the required documents that will be necessary to have the petition granted. That list will be forthcoming and most likely be posted on the USCIS website.

It is important to find an attorney who is ethical and reputable in all immigration matters. With the new Executive Order, it will be essential to find apply quickly and correctly and to that end a knowledgeable immigration attorney is highly recommended.

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