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Behind the Scenes of Immigration Reform

For the past few years, the immigration reform news has been dominated by the differences between the Democrats and the Republicans regarding the extent to which immigration reform takes shape. The Democrats favor a comprehensive approach while the Republicans are pushing for a piecemeal solution. We had the committee of eight, John Boehner, and President Obama constantly in the news trying to deal with the broken immigration system.

Little is known, however, about two women, Rebecca Tallent and Esther Olavarria who for more than ten years have been trying to bring lawmakers together in a compromise that will finally end the immigration stalemate. Esther Olavarria, who came to the United States from Cuba, holds a position in the White House. She is a democrat. Rebecca Tallent, a Republican has been hired as a top aide to John Boehner.

These two women have extensive knowledge of the immigration laws and how they can be improved. Over ten years ago, they spent hours upon hours in back-room sessions trying to bring lawmakers together. It has been rumored that Boehner is attempting to find a way to approve immigration reform and that Tallent is tasked with finding the way. Olavarria, in the meantime, is finding a compromise with Democrats and the activists can both live with.

They undoubtedly will be working overtime in the next few months.

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