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It would be difficult to deny that Florida is among the states with the highest immigration levels in this country. In fact, one out of every three people that have moved to Florida in the past ten years has been a foreign immigrant. This phenomenon has also landed Florida among the states with the highest overall population, numbering at fourth in the nation after California, Texas, and New York.

Fortunately, with an increased population Florida has maintained its economic growth. Only a few other states beat the Sunshine State’s economic growth rate in 2012. Many Floridians believe there is a link between the state’s healthy economy and its high immigration rates. This notion has attributed to the increasing support of Floridians for comprehensive immigration reform.

The restaurant industry thrives in Florida, and it is a major contributor to the state economy estimated to produce 33.3 billion dollars this year. Florida is home to over 36,000 restaurants, which create employment for more than 844,000 Floridians. The restaurant business is only growing, and is expected to generate about 100,000 new jobs for the state over the next decade. Restaurant owners all over the state, many of which are immigrants themselves, agree that immigration helps to expand and maintain these venues. Not only do immigrants create diversity in cuisine and a demand for diverse cuisine, they work hard to keep this hospitality business running.

The industry expects to see an increase in demand for workers, and allowing immigrants to fill these jobs has been considered by many as essential to it’s growth. The restaurant industry is only one of many examples where high immigration has contributed to economic success for Florida.

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