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Latino Support for Republican Party Dwindles

House Republican’s lack of support for the Senate’s immigration reform bill is costing them at the polls. The Republican Party now has a 65% disapproval rating among Latino voters in 24 congressional districts, with a low 22% approval rating. The results of this poll came in on Wednesday after John Boehner, the Speaker of the House, did not allow a vote on the comprehensive immigration reform bill. Two of the districts polled are in the Speaker’s home state of Ohio.

The poll, taken by Latino Decisions and America’s Voice, also revealed that Boehner’s party would receive more support from the Latino community if he would allow the bill to move forward for a vote. Although a majority of Latino voter’s would appreciate his support of the bill, all they ask is that the Speaker allow the issue to move forward. While immigration reform is being debated in the Capitol, the issue has become one of the top concerns for 59% of Latino voters. The economy and education are also salient among that community, but at 24% and 14% respectively.

All of the congressional districts included in the poll are currently Republican held, and they are districts where Latino votes are likely to have an important impact in the future. John Boehner seems to have taken a firm stance against the passage of the Senate’s version of this bill, and it is costing his Party important votes that could decide the next congressional majority.

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