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An Inspiring Story of Immigration and South Beach

immigration and south beachAmerica is unlike any other nation on earth regarding its embrace of immigrants. This is a country that was founded by immigrants, built by immigrants, and driven into prosperity thanks to the contributions and commitments of immigrants. Immigration and South Beach are two phrases that go hand in hand.

Unfortunately, immigration and South Beach often get a bad reputation. People focus on the number of illegal immigrants in and around Miami, or on the complexity of becoming a citizen and the anxiety of living undocumented. With so may sad and frustrating stories reaching the top of the headlines, it is easy to conclude that immigration and South Beach is more of an obstacle than an opportunity.

We are just as disappointed about all the doom and gloom related to this issue as anyone else. That is why we have decided to take advantage of this platform to highlight a story about immigration and South Beach that shows off the power and potential of becoming a citizen. Once you read though it, we think your attitudes about immigration and South Beach might be changed for the better.

When Carmen Navarro was just 20 years old, she was living in Nicaragua, dating an ambitious college student, and planning out the course of her future. Then, almost overnight, the situation in Nicaragua went from being idyllic to chaotic. Carmen’s neighborhood, in particular, experienced a shocking level of violence, and the country as a whole was quickly stressed to the breaking point.

Just hours before the Nicaraguan government collapsed, Carmen and her family fled the country for good. But her story of immigration and South Beach does not begin there. She ended up in Honduras, began to build a life, and gave birth to two children. But because of her husband’s association with the fallen Nicaraguan government, Carmen and her family lived with a target on their back and in a constant state of fear.

As her children began to get older, Carmen decided that immigration and South Beach were the only ways to keep her family safe. The family soon discovered that entering the US for reasons of political asylum is a long and complicated process. But they were able to enter on a regular visa. So Carmen, her husband, and their three children packed up everything they could carry and moved into a small Miami apartment.

The couple had little money, and despite the fact that both had professional backgrounds they took menial jobs. Carmen, however, was never discouraged. She believed strongly that America was the land of opportunity. She had also created a four-step plan to help her and her family prosper – learn English, buy a house, go back to school, and become a citizen.

The formal part of immigration and South Beach would have to wait until Carmen had a better grasp of the language. She learned by watching American TV show, mostly her favorite show I Love Lucy. After three months her English was so good that she found a job at a local preschool.

Everything seemed on track for Carmen until her, and her husband went though a bitter divorce. Family struggles added onto the challenges of immigration, and South Beach will overwhelm anyone. For several years, Carmen’s life was focused exclusively one regaining custody of her children and getting her personal finances back in order.

At the age of 46, Carmen managed to earn a college degree after taking night classes and committing to a brutal schedule for three whole years. But once she was armed with a bachelor’s degree, there was only one goal on her list left to complete – become a citizen.

After a lot of hard work, rigorous study, and personal dedication, Carmen was naturalized in 2006 at the age of 55 years old. She travels back to Nicaragua regularly, but her adopted home is America. Two of her children have gone on to become citizens as well, and one even served in the Army, including a deployment to Iraq. In every way, Carmen is a true American and a welcome addition to out national fabric.

We have chosen to highlights this story of immigration and South Beach to illustrate something important. Making a new life in a new country is not easy, or a decision that is made hastily. And there are often hardships that seem out-sized and unfair. But for anyone who is dedicated, patient, and committed to gaining citizenship status, it is a dream that is possible to achieve.

If you are examining options for immigration and South Beach and looking for answers, assistance, and options, your best strategy is to reach out to a quality lawyer who specializes in immigration law. That way you can begin making progress while avoiding obstacles and setbacks. Get the help you need by contacting Pozo Goldstein Attorneys at Law at 305-347-8831.

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