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Immigration Attorney Florida and the Immigration Debate

Whether you’re a Republican, Democrat or immigration attorney Florida, you’ve probably got an opinion about immigration.

The Great Debate

It may be something that you are not overly concerned with, or you may feel very strongly about it. Let’s look at this issue that has been very strongly divisive in our country in recent years.

Legal VS Illegal Entry

As an immigration attorney Florida, I have seen numerous immigrants of both types. As a nation, we have laws concerning immigration; if you follow them to gain entry, you’re considered a legal alien; if not, you’re considered an illegal alien. Seems pretty simple, right? But what if you entered the country legally on say a vacation visa and then you have a child. The child, by right of birth, is an American citizen. The parents who decide to overstay their visas become illegal aliens. Gets a bit more complex, doesn’t it? The ‘anchor baby’ issue is one of the more divisive amongst strongly opinionated citizens.


There has long been the argument that illegal immigration has not only taken jobs away from native citizens but it has also devalued the labor of citizens. This has become a hotly contested issue and one that an immigration attorney Florida often encounters. There is no easy, pat answer.

A Broken System

Even those who disagree on certain components of the immigration issue agree on one thing: the system is broken. Take it from an immigration attorney Florida; there is a myriad of ways in which the system could be changed for the better. The log jams, sometimes of years, for certain processes to be completed. It is no wonder, then, that there are those, especially in war-torn or economically challenged areas, that attempt to circumvent the system out of a sense of desperation or frustration.

The New Administration

As a hotbed issue, immigration is something that the new administration has vowed to make changes in immediately. You are bound to have questions, and we are here to provide you with the answers. As an immigration attorney Florida, the offices of Pozo Goldstein, LLP welcome you to call today for a free consultation.

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